About us

We help people stay on the road, ride safely & encourage sustainability.

New Forest Bike Project (NFBP) is a social enterprise which takes in unwanted bicycles and then repairs, restores and relocates them. NFBP is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), number 10327640. Located in New Milton in the New Forest we serve the community roughly between Bournemouth, Southampton and up towards Salisbury. We aim to help people from all walks of life get out on two wheels and for it to be an inclusive and fun experience. The aim is to engage people, particular those in need, with all aspects of the project to help build confidence, skills, health and well-being through things like teaching bike maintenance, safe riding, earning a bike through volunteering and learning about recycling and sustainability issues.

With issues linked to increased car use, poor public transport, growing obesity and health problems, we want to help make it easier for people in our community to get about safely whether it’s to do the shopping, getting to work or college, seeing friends and family, for getting fitter or just for fun – on a properly maintained bike.

Unwanted bicycles and parts keeps the project going – bikes taken in are refurbished and may be given away free or susbsidised for a donation to cover costs for whatever the end user can afford (for those in need we take referrals from schools, colleges, local authorities, Community First Hampshire, Dorset Community Action, Police, charities etc) or sold to raise much needed funds. Depending on their condition, they may also end up being stripped down for all useful parts. We try and minimise scrap, re-using as much as we can. Any scrap is sent for recycling and disposed of properly.

Spare bike parts, cycle clothing, lights, racks, locks, luggage, (new) helmets are also always handy and after checking we offer these at affordable rates too to keep bikes on the road and people on the move.

We mainly require adult bikes of all sizes.

We’ll take all styles – mountain bike, hybrid, city bike, road bike, vintage etc. Even if you think a bike might be beyond saving, there’s usually some parts on it we can re-use so please donate.

We also require:

Cotton t-shirts and rags for cleaning bikes but not your 70-90’s nylons/synthetic stuff nor your old used smelly socks or soiled pants thanks – someone did this recently, yuk – there’s probably specialist websites for these. Also we take bike tools for maintenance and we gratefully accept Clipper (decaf*) tea and cakes for when we are working and beer (Red Stripe) or rum (good proper Caribbean stuff) for when we are relaxing. *We are not like a lot of beardy weirdy hipster cyclists – there’s no caffeine / coffee at NFBP, we don’t want to get too hyper/intense/boring etc, we don’t go on about ‘craft’ beer, wear check shirts with braces, or have trousers hanging down inappropriately so you can see underpants….or have groomed facial hair. If we did we’d move to Hove or Shoreditch. Although, we do usually have 6 music on in the workshop, or our very cool Spotify playlist on random play: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5B8pBORpM9ERRARqkCNo43?si=21aa7d40b0b94865

As well as taking direct referrals for help with bikes, often giving away for free or a donation, we can offer price reduction subsidies (c. 20-25%) on bikes and parts for LOCAL residents in receipt of benefits, students and pensioners from the following New Forest District postcode areas: BH23 BH24 BH25 SP6 SP5 SO40 SO41 SO42 SO43 SO45 SO51. Evidence required and a simple feedback form needs filling in – just ask for details. It’s important to gain feedback for not only trying to improve what we do but to pass on to supporters too.

We are a small operation helped by volunteers so don’t have set opening hours – best make an appointment if you need to see us. Related to this, please also don’t leave donations outside the workshop if we are not there, they tend to go walkies. Just let us know first to arrange a time before making a trip.

We are a kind of breakers yard for used bike parts if you need something more affordable or hard to find and do fixes on bikes showing you how BUT we are NOT a retail shop selling new bikes and new parts and don’t get involved in warranty/manufacturers servicing type work on your new steed, if you need this take/send it back to where you got it or there’s plenty of good bike shops in our area – try our friends at: 99bikes/Hargroves Cycles (Totton), Boost Bike Hub (Brockenhurst), New Forest Cycling (Burley), The Woods Cyclery (Lyndhurst), The Forge Cycleworks (Ringwood) or Primera Sports (Bournemouth). Thanks!

There are some pictures in the gallery section of bikes done but as ever it’ll probably be out of date, for more up to date info on what we have done or are generally up to, do look and like (or whatever it is you do) the Facebook and Twitter links on this website or via our social media id @newforestbike, or instagram @newforestbikeproject

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