Unwanted bicycles and parts keeps the project going

Bikes donated will be refurbished and given away free or heavily susbsidised to those in need (we take referrals from schools, colleges, local authorities, Community First New Forest, Dorset Community Action, Police, charities, youth groups, refugee support groups etc) or sold to raise much needed funds. Depending on their condition, they may also end up being stripped down for all useful parts. We try and minimise scrap, re-using as much as we can. Any scrap is sent for recycling and disposed of properly.

Spare bike parts, clothing, lights, racks, luggage, (new) helmets etc are also always handy and after checking we offer these at low rates too to keep bikes on the road and people on the move.

We mainly require adult bikes of all sizes.

We’ll take all styles – mountain bike, hybrid, city bike, road bike, vintage etc. Even if you think a bike might be beyond saving, there’s usually something on it we can use so please donate. We also require old cotton t-shirts and rags (not your 70-90’s nylons/synthetic stuff) for cleaning bikes, bike tools for maintenance and we gratefully accept Clipper (decaf*) tea and cakes for when we are working and beer (Red Stripe) or rum (good proper Caribbean stuff) for when we are relaxing. *We are not like a lot of beardy weirdy hipster cyclists – there’s no caffeine / coffee at NFBP, we don’t want to get too hyper/intense/boring etc, we don’t go on about ‘craft’ beer, wear check shirts with braces, baseball caps around the wrong way or have trousers hanging down inappropriately so you can see underpants….or have groomed facial hair. If we did we’d move to Hove or Shoreditch.

Ebikes / Escooters – we love good ones obviously and regularly ride them ourselves. We take in and fix the mechanical stuff and do what we can to help keep things going to get them back out in use again BUT it’s not our speciality working on knackered batteries and dodgy controls /electrics etc. We also won’t now repair/change escooter tyres/tubes. Very often it is just not economic in time and parts to sort an old ebike/escooter with issues so we might just break them for useful parts – still handy of course. We do however know a bloke in Poole who does do the work all day on this sort of older electric stuff and can pass on his details should you have your own one that needs some sorting (as opposed to a donation) – he carries loads of used spares too.

We do get asked by people for help when they have bought a never heard of make import from a fly by night company or off ebay/amazon or a used one from a dodgy mush off Facebook marketplace / Gumtree and then get very upset when it packs up or the battery dies & they find there is no back up or the huge cost of replacement battery and so on. Same goes for after-market kits to fit to existing bikes, again usually bought by people online, who then can’t understand the instructions and/or find little warranty back up so ask us – we won’t get involved sorry it’s just too risky and we don’t want the hassle for something which could be poor quality. You pays your money….

PLEASE don’t follow these above routes and make what could be a very expensive mistake. Work out your budget, read best buy reviews first & stick to known brands from main dealers if you can, take test rides before committing – we can point you in the right direction for good dealers locally.


Although bicycles are our key area, we love motorbikes too (particularly Honda’s), yes we know they use petrol and you don’t get fit riding them… but they can be a cheap way of getting about for some and reduce congestion. So if we can restore/service/MOT them with partners and then help someone get on the road cheaply and safely, then we will. There’s some pictures of recent ones we’ve done on the gallery page.

If you can drop stuff off at our New Milton workshop that’s best, if you’d struggle to do this we can probably pick your donation up early mornings, evenings or weekends if you are reasonably local to us. We are a small operation helped by volunteers so don’t have set opening hours – best make an appointment if you need to see us. Please also don’t leave donations outside the workshop if we are not there, they tend to go walkies. Just let us know first to arrange a time before making a trip. Thanks again!

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There are no catches or hidden charges and New Forest Bike Project will be really grateful for your donations.

Thank you for your support.

We also have a fundraising donation page on the Paypal link below and also a dedicated support site at Local Giving

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